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Cranial Band Graphics and Wraps

Your child needs a cranial band what?

What if you had a chance to make it FUN? Let it be something unique for your child-- to remember on a positive note.

Paint, glue and other craft materials can be hazardous to your child's health if applied to the band. The fumes are not safe! We use a 3M premium material with a glossy overlaminate that protects from scratching and from the harmful chemicals & fumes that are present in paint and markers.

If your kid has a cranial band, Kid Wraps would love to wrap it up! We can design, print, AND install the wrap onto the band. We have many pre-designed styles to choose from, as well as we can do custom designs.

See some of our Kid Wraps graduates to give you some ideas. For more information, visit our How It Works page. To apply for this service, please visit the contact page.

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View Our Measuring "How To" Video to learn how to properly measure your band. Choose from a variety of designs and font styles. Custom design is available for an additional fee.
DAX Wrap Side DAX
We use quality materials to wrap the band.
...and Smile!!
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