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We setup a special day on the 3rd or 4th Monday of each month just for Kid Wraps. Dates other than the ones listed may incur an installation charge of $25-50 depending on our current schedule.

February 25 March 25
April 22 May 20
June 24 July 22
Check here if you cannot make any of the listed dates, and will need to setup a custom installation date. (extra charges may apply
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NOTE: We are unable to fulfill installation requests outside of the state of Wisconsin at this time because installations must take place at our facility in MADISON, WISCONSIN.

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"How to Measure for a Kid Wrap" Video

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NOTE: if you do not submit measurements at this time, you MUST submit them as soon as you have the band and prior to your installation appointment or it may delay your installation date
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*Cost includes designs in our design gallery. $25-50 additional charge for custom designs

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*$25 charge for adding name to band in fonts listed in design gallery

Check here if you are interested in donating to the Kid Wraps program personally or through your business to help other kids smile.
I have read the "How It Works" page, and I fully understand the rules and guidelines of the Kid Wraps program.
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I understand that this is a voluntary service provided by Monarch Media Designs. Design, production, and installation is done as allowed by our production schedule.
I understand that rules/restrictions apply to every circumstance, and not every application for the FREE service can be accepted.
I understand that I am receiving a special base rate of Only $50 ($100 off standard cost)
I understand that if I want a custom installation date and/or design that is not shown in the Kid Wraps design gallery, there will be an additional $25 - 50 setup fee.

After you submit this form, please send photos of the band to with your Name.


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