Kid Wraps

How the Process Works - Cranial Band Wraps


So how do you get started? Here are a few easy steps!

  1. Like Our Facebook Pages in support of the Monarch and the Kid Wraps Program

  2. Browse our Design Gallery to pick out some design ideas. If you want a custom design, some are subject to a design fee.

  3. Fill out the application. Click on the "Kid Wrap Request" link to select the appropriate form. (Phone calls orders cannot be accepted without receipt of the Contact form.) You can submit your measurements in the contact form if you have the band already.

  4. If you fill out the application before you have measurements, make sure to visit the Submit Measurements Page to Send Us Measurement AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

  5. Send us an email with photos of the band. You can send them to

  6. Once we receive your application, you will be contacted by a Monarch representative to inform you of the details and the next available installation appointment.

  7. Setup your Installation Appointment - You will need to drop the band off at the scheduled time that you have discussed with your Monarch salesperson.See our contact page for current installation dates available.


  1. Due to high-demand, only a handful of Kid Wrap applications can be processed each month.
  2. There is a $50 suggested donation for this service ($150 value) or you can apply for the FREE service.
  3. Only (4) FREE Kid Wraps are accepted each month.
  4. Projects are considered depending on work load and number of applicants.
  5. Installation is scheduled approximately 30 days in advance. RUSH jobs are not accepted.
  6. Designs and font styles must be chosen from Design Gallery. If you want a custom font or design that is not shown in the Kid Wraps design gallery, there will be an additional $25-50 setup fee.
  7. Order cannot begin without all necessary information on Request Form



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