Looking for a Cranial Band Wrap for your Child? Let’s get Started!

Do you know an awesome kid that could use a little something special to make them SMILE?
We would LOVE to hear from you!

Step 1: Learn More about Monarch and Follow Kid Wraps

Step 2: Choose a Design

  • Browse our Design Gallery to pick out some design ideas. If you want a custom design, some are subject to a design fee depending on complexity.  You can also request any design that you see on our Facebook or in our gallery. Requests for FREE wraps must choose from our design gallery. Click here to view our Design Gallery
  • Choose a wrap from a Kid Wraps Graduate (subject to availability) Click here to view our Graduates Gallery
  • Have us Create a Custom Design for your wrap ($50-100 charge depending on complexity)
  • Design your own wrap.  If you have someone familiar with Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, you can design your own wrap. We can provide basic templates for you! (templates are not exact so some areas may differ once installed)

    Step 3: Fill Out the Request Form

Fill out the Form Below. Phone calls orders cannot be accepted without receipt of the Request Form. Once we receive your application, you will be contacted by a Monarch representative via email to inform you of the details and the next available installation appointment.

Step 4: Setup Your Installation Date

The day of your appointment, you will need to drop the band off at the scheduled time that you have discussed with your Monarch salesperson.  Once you drop it off, you can return in 2 hours to put the band back on.  We take photos and video of your child with band that we post on our social media pages.


Must be from Wisconsin as we can only fulfill requests for installations at our Madison, WI location. If you can't bring to WI, do not continue filling out form.
NOTE: If your child is getting their band removed in less than 4 weeks, we will not be able to wrap it as we are usually a few weeks out on the wait and we would like to service the children who are going to have the bands on for more than a month after the wrap.
NOTE: FREE wrap requests must choose from the Design Gallery.
Rules/restrictions apply to every circumstance, and not every application for the FREE service can be accepted, but we will do our best to accommodate families in need. If you are requesting a FREE wrap, you must choose from our Design Gallery.