So how do you get started? Here are a few easy steps!

Cranial Band Wraps and Other Kid Wraps

  1. Like Our Facebook Pages in support of the Monarch and the Kid Wraps Program
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  2. Browse our Design Gallery (for cranial bands): to pick out some design ideas. If you want a custom design, some are subject to a design fee depending on complexity.  You can also request any design that you see on our Facebook or in our gallery.
  3. Fill out the application. Click on the “Request a Kid Wrap” link to select the appropriate form. (Phone calls orders cannot be accepted without receipt of the Contact form.)
  4. Once we receive your application, you will be contacted by a Monarch representative to inform you of the details and the next available installation appointment.
  5. Setup your Installation Appointment – You will need to drop the cranial band (or other item) off at the scheduled time that you have discussed with your Monarch salesperson.


  1. Due to high-demand, only a handful of Kid Wrap applications can be processed each month.  Only (3) FREE Kid Wraps are accepted each month.
  2. There is a $50 suggested donation for this service ($150 value) or you can apply for the FREE service.
  3. Projects are considered depending on work load and number of applicants.
  4. Installation is scheduled approximately 30 days in advance. RUSH jobs are not accepted.
  5. Designs and font styles must be chosen from Design Gallery. If you want a custom font or design that is not shown in the Kid Wraps design gallery, there will be an additional $25-50 setup fee.
  6. Order cannot begin without all necessary information on Request Form


What is a band Wrap? 
A band Wrap is a graphic printed on pressure sensitive vinyl material, laminated and installed on a child’s cranial band. Basically, it is a big sticker that is carefully applied.  The material we use to wrap the cranial bands is the same as the material we use to wrap vehicles.  

Where do I get a band Wrap? 
Monarch Media Designs in Madison, WI offers cranial band wraps to families in the Madison area.  If you are not in our area, you can contact a local wrap shop and refer them to our website so they will have the tools and opportunity to wrap your cranial band.  If you are unaware of  companies in your area, Google Search – Vehicle Wraps and your city to locate a wrap shop near you.  When you contact them, they will probably not know what you’re talking about as this is very new to many people, please direct them to Kid Wraps and tell them to call Monarch Media Designs at 608-661-4663 if they have any questions.  If they agree to provide this service for free we will help them through the process.

How much does this cost?  
A Kid wrap ( through the Monarch Media Designs Kid Wraps Program is completely free to families in need. We ask that families that can afford the service donate $50-100 toward the wrap.   This site is here to raise money for this cause so we can wrap more cranial bands for kids in need.

How do I make an appointment? 
To make an appointment, you must click on this link and fill out the proper form on the Request a Kid Wrap page.  If your child is getting their band removed in less than 4 weeks, we will not be able to wrap it as we are usually a few weeks out on the wait and we would like to service the children who are going to have the bands on for more than a month after the wrap.

What do I do if I am out of the Madison, WI area? 
If you are interested in receiving a cranial band wrap outside of Madison, WI, you will need to locate a sign/vinyl wrap shop in your area and direct them to our website to learn more.

How long does it take? 
Our band wraps are created off of pre-designed templates that you choose from when you come to our shop to have your band measured.  When you arrive on your designated installation day, we will get all the baby’s helmet wrapped in a two hour drop off. You drop of the helmet at your time slot and come back two hours later to pickup. It’s that easy!