How You Can Help Support Kid Wraps

We have helped with hundreds of smiles in the past few years. Now we are looking for people or businesses that are interested in sponsoring a Kid Wrap project!

When parents are going through tough times such as these, money is not always available to do something special to bring a “sunny side” to the situation. So how can you help? With the help of our sponsors, we can sometimes provide this service for kids for FREE* for families that cannot afford the cost of the graphics.

Over 90% of the projects are done at NO CHARGE due to financial hardships of families going through these hard times with their children. This causes us to limit the number of projects that we can do per month for families in need.

With a $100 donation, your family name or company logo (with web link and info) will be placed the “Sponsors” page on our website, along with information on what child your donation sponsored.

Each child receives a certificate with your information listed as the sponsor of their graphics, and your name/company is also mentioned on all of our social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) for the Kid Wraps Program.

If you are interested in being a sponsor of a Kid Wrap project, please contact us at