Your child needs a cranial band …now what?

What if you had a chance to make it FUN? Let it be something unique for your child– to remember on a positive note.

Paint, glue and other craft materials can be hazardous to your child’s health if applied to the band. The fumes are not safe! We use a 3M premium material with a glossy overlaminate that protects from scratching and from the harmful chemicals & fumes that are present in paint and markers.

If your kid has a cranial band, Kid Wraps would love to wrap it up! We can design, print, AND install the wrap onto the band. We have many pre-designed styles to choose from, as well as we can do custom designs.

So what are the next steps? Check out our Kid Wrap Graduates Gallery, Apply for a child in your life to be blessed with a Cranial Band Wrap or Other Kid Wrap Project, or See how you can help spread the Kid Wraps movement.